Howdy do, I’m Mario Arizmendi!

I’m a Texas State graduate with a BFA in Communication Design and a heart of gold. Growing up in the diverse town of San Antonio, I learned a whole lot about culture, and a little too much about food. My city taught me the importance of defending everyone’s rights, the need to fight climate change and the best places to get breakfast tacos. (Taco House) To me, Design should be intuitive, and further bolster the concept/idea. I go through an iterative process and widdle everything down, till the essentials are left. When I’m not designing, I’m probably getting into some new weird hobby. As of late i’ve been mildly obsessed with coffee brewing, fermentation, tiny houses, thrifting, guitar, and learning italian for some reason. If you wanna work with me, or just have a cup of coffee, hit me up!

Design Interests

Sustainable Packaging

Limit our pollution through creativity and innovation.


Create brand identities from the ground up or revamping currently existing brands.

Motion Graphics

Breath new life into brands through conceptual animation.

Human Centered Design/UX/UI

Creating products and services that best serve the specific audiences need.

Hearty Humor

Having a jolly good time and not always taking things too seriously.


I like anything you like and I can change for you!

Work with me