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Dad’s Gift

Sometimes Forgetten, Always Loved

Dad’s Gift is a baby shower gift for the father to be. Dad’s Gift is a box set of things & do dads to help you get your dad on. Inside the retro milk carton packaging comes, a do not disturb door hanger, vintage macaroni tie, a mug, sleeping pills, & 18 birthday cards. The name Dad’s Gift ties into the concept that this is both a gift for dad’s & a gift a dad gives. With these cards, a new father can rest assured that he’ll never have to remember a birthday again.


Letterform + Image

The trademark creates an s out of two macaroni with the relation of the typeface. The macaroni is a nod back to the trope of dad’s always getting the short end of the stick. The macaroni is a warm color while the rest of the logotype has cool colors. This is done to both highlight the macaroni in the mark but also show the dad’s life as being a little mundane. That is until his new child brings a new light into it. The typeface coolvetica was chosen to symbolize a free spirited father who’s been beaten down by the system & works a boring office job. Still, he has a glimmer of free spirit left in him.

Dad’s Gift Brand Voice & Taglines


I’ve known you for a year but, you kind of remind me of the milk man. You’re on thin ice kid!

You’re 2, too damn young to read this. You little shit!

You’re 11, Wow you’re so old! Wow, I’m so old… You’re grounded!

Dad’s busy being daddy, in dad’s dreams. Dad is very tired.

Now with 50% more debt!

There’s a new dad in town, why’d it have to be my roommate, now I gotta move.

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